Big Three Academy is a professional training center which is specialized in beverages training courses. 

In 2014, our founder Mr. Low Shiann Yuan became the first Malaysian who is qualified as a Q Arabica and Q Robusta Grader from the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI, USA).  He make use of his knowledge learn from the institute and come out of his renowned Big Three Coffee Matrix Theory in 2014 and get copyrighted in 2016. Within few year, Big Three Academy had trained up more than 1000 baristas and its "BARISTA PRO" course probably the best barista course in Malaysia and this achievement had been selected by Matrade (Malaysia) to exhibit at the Malaysia Export Exhibition Center (MEEC) in the year of 2017. Mr. Low Shiann Yuan also the only one Ma
ster Instructor of Deepure (China) Pu-erh Tea in Malaysia as well. Besides that, he has a featured column in The Entrepreneur Magazine and Rakyat Net Media till now. 

Big Three Academy itself has undergone several transformations; Most notably was in the year of 2015, Big Three Academy become the official and also the only Breville Barista Training Center in Malaysia. It is very rare to see a branded home appliance manufacturer tight up a coffee course with any coffee school in Malaysia and this co-operation had lead to develop a largest home barista group in Malaysia's social media network by using Breville espresso machine and indirectly attract more people to become a home barista.

Big Three Academy is now both a cafe and academy specialising in courses and training, with hope to educate young, passionate individuals and cultivate a drinking culture in Malaysia and in 2019 Big Three Academy had been certified by HRDF (Human Resources Development Fund) as a registered training provider

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